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Niagara makes it easy for the Construction, Architectural, Interior Design and Engineering community to stay current on the latest trends as well as maintain their licensing, accreditation, and certifications by earning credits through continuing education courses- at no cost. Our complimentary courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and credits are automatically submitted to AIA, CSI and dozens of other organizations across the United States and Canada.

At Niagara, we strive to open eyes and change perspectives on why conservation matters. By giving our community easy access to tools like continuing education courses, we hope to turn the tide on the war against water waste.



Water Savings with Every Flush: Improving Water Conservation in High-Performance Buildings

Description: Today—as climate change, population growth, and record droughts present an unprecedented strain on our water supply—conservation technology is building awareness to the importance of having the most water efficient fixtures in a home or business. This course recognizes the flush toilet as one of the biggest users of water and discusses how toilet design is pushing flush technology to develop ways for homes and commercial buildings to conserve water without sacrificing the performance of the toilet. Industry testing protocols and the water-saving capabilities of different technologies are evaluated.

Course#: AEC1093
Learning Hours/Units: 1.00
Approved Course Associations: This course provides state credit and many other association approvals, such as AIA and HSW. View course details for full list.