Water-Saving Initiative for Drought Stricken Communities


The world is running out of good water and we're wasting what we have. Nearly a quarter of the U.S. was (and still is) facing moderate to severe drought conditions and these numbers are expected to increase. With drought conditions on the rise, something must be done to protect our available water resources.

Our Solution

Help Save Water was an initiative for those that wanted to help conserve our most precious resource. Niagara teamed up with Home Depot and local water utilities to put on ‘rebate’ events at local Home Depots to help make water conservation affordable for everyone. The program allowed consumers to meet their water and money saving goals and bring awareness to water conservation in a fun and effective way. Consumers were educated on the most efficient products and how they work while providing rebates to make water saving more affordable. A dedicated website was available as an additional resource where consumers can get water-saving tips, get drought updates, and find rebates in their area.

Next Steps

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