Niagara Green City – Niagara Conservation


Water-Saving Initiative for Sustainable Communities


To put it simply, people don’t like to change old habits. This makes it especially difficult for utilities and cities to prevent water waste and shortages from excessive use from its residents. The overuse can also cause higher processing expenses for the city and utility. In turn, there is a risk of increasing water bills for residents as well as fines/fees for cities for not meeting government mandates. It extreme cases, water might even be limited. Several cities are in this water crisis and need a way to manage water use more efficiently.


Niagara Green City provides a solution with a strategically designed water conservation plan for utilities. With no upfront costs and savings that exceed the monthly costs paid by the residents, the initiative provides an easy way for both the city and residents to achieve their conservation goals. This is done through the installation of EPA WaterSense labeled ultra-high-efficiency toilets, showerheads, and aerators.

Niagara Green City helps the utility promote the initiative to owners of multi-family communities. The initiative also administrates the installation and billing process with those individuals who opt to participate.


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