Niagara Green University – Niagara Conservation


Water-Saving Initiative for Sustainable Universities


On average, the typical U.S. university and its surrounding community student housing facilities can use millions of gallons of water every year. Over 60% of this usage is from toilets, showers, and sinks alone. In addition, nearly a quarter of the U.S. is facing moderate to severe drought- and these numbers are only expected to increase. With drought conditions on the rise, something must be done to protect our available water resources. We believe that changing technology is the best first step in achieving serious water savings and, when paired with our student program, can make a huge difference.

Our Solution

Niagara Green University provides a solution by specifically designing a water and energy conservation plan for universities and their surrounding communities.


While students are given an active role in water conservation, student housing facilities have access to exclusive pricing, turnkey project management, and professional installation services.


Our objective is to increase awareness and understanding of conservation by involving students to identify key savings and to continue this conversation through outreach education.

Next Steps

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