Water Conservation Programs and Initiatives

Conserve With Us. We Make It Easy. No More Excuses.

A common public perception is that water conservation means restricting or curtailing customer use as a temporary response to drought. Though water use restrictions are a useful short-term drought management tool, most water conservation programs emphasize lasting long-term improvements in water use efficiency while maintaining quality of life standards. Water conservation, very simply, is doing more with less, not doing without.

Learn more below about our initiative to provide our partners with integrated, customized, and highly incentivized conservation solutions for your communities.


1. HelpSaveWater.com Campaign

HelpSaveWater.com is a conservation movement created by Niagara Conservation and The Home Depot to help bring you the best water conservation advice, tips, professional assistance, and ultra-high-efficiency products that offer unmatched water-savings.

Whether you are a provider, property owner, or work in the plumbing industry, our expert advise and services can help you save water and money! We work with existing programs or build custom-tailored conservation programs that fit your needs. Make budget dollars go further by offering your customers programs that provide immediate water savings.


2. Niagara Green City Program

Niagara Green City is a water and energy conservation program brought to you by Niagara Conservation and Green Plumbers USA.

This program specifically helps water utility providers promote conservation programs to single family residents and owners of multi-family dwellings. Niagara Green City administrates the installation and billing process with those individuals who opt to participate. With no upfront costs and savings that exceed the monthly costs paid by the residents, the program provides an easy way for both the city and the end-users to achieve their conservation goals.


3. Niagara Green City EDU

Niagara Green City EDU is a water and energy conservation program specifically designed for colleges and universities by Niagara’s university sustainability team where students are given an active role in water conservation. Research/internship opportunities are also available for participating university sustainability clubs.

We’ve strategically structured this initiative around a turnkey process. Bringing you the best in ultra-high-efficiency fixtures and custom services, we package together a start-to-finish solution that provides an easy way for universities to achieve their conservation goals.


4. Implementation Services

Still concerned with purchasing, shipping, and installing water efficient fixtures? Let us help! We have several specialty teams and initiatives in place to help make your transition as easy as possible.

FINANCING:  Our finance team will work with you to ensure you’ll save more on your water bill than you’ll owe in monthly payments.

PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION:  We work with you to support a smart and seamless distribution plan—from managing the flow of products to marketing assistance.

DIRECT SHIPMENT:  Let us take off the burden of shipping by coordinating the shipment of products directly to the site of installation.

DIRECT INSTALL:  We’re willing to go the extra-mile for our partners by coordinating qualified professionals to install Niagara products on site.



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