Our Story

We Know It’s Not Very Original, But It All Started In A Garage...

Our founder, Bill Cutler, is what you could call an obsessive tinkerer. As a champion of water conservation long before it was cool, that obsession often turned to the showerhead. “Why should something so simple be so wasteful?”

That curiosity soon grew into an all-consuming quest to build the greatest water-saving product in history. Bill quickly began to accumulate dozens, even hundreds, of showerheads in his home garage to explore their inner-workings. All that tinkering paid off in 1974, when he developed the first Niagara showerhead—a watershed moment in every day conservation.

Forty years later, that scrappy, one-man operation has grown into a multi-million-dollar organization. The Niagara name has become synonymous with innovative conservation for a growing customer base of utility companies, government leaders, energy management officials, and eco/cost-conscious homeowners and developers.

Today—as climate change, population growth, and record droughts present an unprecedented strain on our water supply—we are more obsessed than ever. Niagara is doubling down on our purpose and pushing our technology to invent new ways for our customers to conserve water without sacrificing performance.


    We Act With Integrity In All Our Business Practices.

    At Niagara, integrity isn’t just something we pay lip service to, we live it through our actions. Our word is our bond, and our commitment to our customers inspires us to go above and beyond “satisfactory.” We see ourselves not as pushers of a product, but as partners in our customer’s quest to conserve water for the benefit of their home, their business and the environment.


    16 Years of Service


    We Communicate Openly And Candidly With Customers, Vendors, And Employees.

    We pride ourselves on open communication. Whether it’s teaching our customers about conservation, fostering lasting relationships with vendors, or helping our employees become better stewards of water, we’re always working to ensure every voice is heard and appreciated.

    Carl Wehmeyer

    Executive Vice President
    18 Years of Service


    We Treat Each Other With Respect.

    Innovating ways to save water isn’t a “go it alone” kind of mission. It’s a group effort. We care as much about our team as we do the environment, and cultivate a culture of mutual respect. Real progress is easier when someone’s got your back.


    Director of Major Accounts
    23 Years of Service


    We Focus On The Customer’s Needs And Expectations.

    Our eyes and ears are always open. We work to serve the people who rely on our products. With the right attitude and team members, we stay focused on providing brilliant conservation products that perform without sacrificing performance.


    Chief Financial Officer
    5 Years of Service