Wyndham Philly Saved Nearly 2 Million Gallons of Water Just By Replacing Fixtures

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Asset Manager, Rishi Shah, of the Wyndham Philadelphia in Mount Laurel, N.J., has discovered how to make conservation dramatically improve the bottom line. When Shah first decided to explore green initiatives at his hotel, he conducted an audit to determine areas that could most benefit from improvements such as plumbing and energy. “When you run any business, everything is tied to finances, so finding the most resourceful option is very important,” said Shah.

To maximize the profitability of reducing utility expenses, guest rooms at the Wyndham property were retrofitted with Ultra-High-Efficiency-Technology® Stealth toilets and water-efficient faucet aerators, manufactured by Niagara Conservation. The conservation project began in August of 2012, with installation due for completion in December 2013. Niagara’s Stealth 0.8 GPF replaced 3.5 GPF toilets and the new 1.0 GPM aerators replaced 1.6 GPM aerators. The Stealth and faucet aerator installation was retrofitted in all 212 guest rooms.

Through strategic planning, Wyndham has become a leader in creative conservation efforts. The hotel company has taken advantage of incentives and rebates that help financed the installation of energy and water improvements for hotels and resorts. Franchise properties have also realized the major savings of a conservation program.

Shah, a member of Wyndham’s Green Franchise Advisory Board, confides that his children and even hotel guests have influenced his growing interest in sustainability. Shah explains, “Along with the fact that it’s just smart business, we need to make sure we do the right thing for the earth’s natural resources, our children, and our future.”

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