10 High-Tech Gadgets That Will Kick Your Shower Up a Notch | Connecticut Cottages & Garden

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Produced by D.J. Carey and Ann Loynd

The CB438 shower from MGS features an in-line thermostatic mixer to control temperature and water pressure and an easy-to-use hand shower.

Let’s talk tech—Kohler’s DTV+ showering system offers preprogrammed spa experiences and multiple ports for different water temperatures.

Niagara Conservation’s UHET Water-Savings Kit features this new sleek temperature-controlled showerhead, which saves water by reducing flow rate to a trickle once water is hot, then resumes full-flow when the user enters the shower. Through Faxon Sales, Manchester, 860-474-1600.

The child of a collaboration between Kelly Hoppen and Apaiser, the Harmony bathtub features an organic shape inspired by the lotus flower.

ThermaSol’s Microtouch control manages your steam shower by operating just like your iPad—with the touch of a finger.

Smart and architectural, Axor’s LampShower by Nendo is a showerhead with an integrated light, composed of solid brass with a chrome finish.

The Ametis Ring, designed by Davide Oppizzi for Graff, features a sleek, circular shape finished in polished chrome (pictured), architectural black or architectural white and a six-color full-spectrum chromatherapy system.

Samuel Heath’s three-control shower valve is crafted from bone china with platinum decoration, mounted on metal with a polished nickel finish.

Made from silver travertine with rich natural veining, the Stone Forest Papillion bathtub sports organic elegance.