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May 23rd, 2014

With the introduction of the Green City Cobb Program, multi-family operators and their residents now have the ability to save millions of gallons of water each year while dramatically lowering their utility bills. By implementing the Green City Cobb Program ,thousands of gallons of water per apartment can be saved and, within three years, the water cost savings can often cover the cost of the program while generating a positive cash flow.

Financed by Cobb County Water System, this turnkey program is designed to encourage the upgrade of targeted water consuming fixtures found in apartments built prior to 1993.The upgrade includes all new, high-efficiency kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures from Niagara Conservation. Featuring a streamlined sign-up process, the Green City Cobb Program allows multi-housing operators to apply online or over the phone. The program includes a pre-installation analysis for participants by a qualified Efficiency Advisor. The advisor will review each property to ensure the fixtures can be installed, provide an estimate and recommend additional water-saving techniques. Following the evaluation, the installation is conducted by licensed plumbers certified by Green Plumbers USA-an innovative organization with an accredited training program that helps plumbers understand their evolving role in improving the environment and public health.

Each install features a wide range of EPA WaterSense labeled products from Niagara Conservation, a leading manufacturer of water- and energy-saving products. The installations would include the company’s UHET Water-Savings Kit, which comprises of the high-efficiency 0.8 gallon per flush Stealth toilet, adjustable chrome showerheads, and bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators, all guaranteed by a 10-year warranty. To introduce the Green City Cobb Program to the local community, Cobb County Water System hosted a launch event in Marietta, Ga on Friday, March 21. From multi-family property owners to local plumbing contractors, more than 20 representatives attended the two-hour event to learn about the unparalleled benefits the program provides. Kathy Nguyen of Cobb County Water System and Carl Wehmeyer of Niagara Conservation detailed the eco-conscious initiative and explained its value for the Cobb County community.

“As the first program of its kind in the area, we hope to continue to expand our water conservation efforts within our communities,” noted Nguyen, Cobb County Water System, senior project manager. “We are thrilled to partner with local multi-family operators to encourage the use of high-efficiency fixtures to ensure a more sustainable approach to water and energy conservation moving forward.”

Through the Green City Cobb Program, multi-family operators can achieve an increase in property value, a decrease in utility costs and a reduced number of maintenance issues as well as highlight the fact that their property now features new and improved green fixtures to entice new tenants within the community. To be eligible, multi-family operators must be customers of Cobb County Water System in good payment status.