GreenPlumbers USA, Niagara host water workshop in Phoenix | Contractor Magazine

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As part of an ongoing effort to provide plumbing contractors with the latest trends in water conservation, plumbing manufacturer Niagara Conservation and GreenPlumbers USA, an innovative organization with an accredited training program that helps plumbers understand their role in improving the environment and public health, recently hosted a “Caring For Our Water” workshop in Phoenix at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension.

Led by Green Plumber John Smith, GreenPlumbers USA’s National Green Plumber of the Year in both 2010 and 2011, the educational workshop covered topics that contribute to increased water conservation such as: water efficient products, reducing household water consumption, residential water audits and the Niagara Green City retrofit program.

“We understand that green plumbing is about more than offering water-saving products,” said Smith, GreenPlumbers USA vice president of business development. “It involves a change in perspective that starts with technicians and carries through to the uppermost management within companies.”

More than 40 attendees, including city officials and local water departments, participated in the green plumbing workshop to network and gather insights on how water conservation affects plumbing products and practices. Serving as event sponsors, plumbing contractors from plumbing wholesaler Central Arizona Supply shared meaningful on-the-job experiences with attendees and added valuable input to the topics being covered over the course of the event. Furthermore, Bill McMahon of The Marketing Pros, a wholesale representative for Niagara Conservation, was onsite to provide attendees with extensive background on the features and benefits of Niagara Conservation’s line of EPA Water Sense certified Stealth toilets.

Throughout the year, Niagara Conservation and GreenPlumbers USA will host “Caring For Our Water” workshops in various cities across the country to share in-depth knowledge on beneficial water-saving behaviors as well as provide a closer look into the Niagara Green City retrofit program and new technologies. Vouchers to redeem a free Niagara 0.8-GPF Stealth toilet are given to each plumbing contractor who registers and attends the workshops.

“We’re thrilled to partner with GreenPlumbers USA to host ‘Caring For Our Water’ workshops in communities nationwide, in order to encourage a more sustainable approach to water conservation for years to come,” said Carl Wehmeyer, Niagara Conservation’s executive vice president.

The next “Caring For Our Water” workshop will be held at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas on July 30th. The Tarrant Regional Water District will serve as a third partner for the event.

In 2013, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency named Niagara Conservation the WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year for its focused efforts on encouraging water efficiency and promoting the EPA’s WaterSense label.

GreenPlumbers USA is an innovative, brand overlay and accreditation program that assists plumbers in understanding their role in the environment and public health. The organization’s goal is to promote the benefits of water conservation and the reduction of GHG emissions. The focus is on changing consumer and plumbing behavior through the use of energy efficiency and water saving technologies.