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Design and functionality continue to make strong strides when  it comes to an often-overlooked area of the home – the water  closet. Today’s toilets and bidets showcase streamlined looks, smaller footprints and ultifunctional, luxury options.

Cleanliness is key for both toilets and bidets, and innovations such as antibacterial glazed finishes, removable seats and superior flushing technology help control dirt and odors. Remote controls, touchless flushing and self-cleaning features also keep germs at bay.

On these two pages, Kitchen & Bath Design News showcases toilets and bidets featuring the latest styles, technological advancements and luxury options.

1. DXV has added the AT200 LS SpaLet integrated electronic bidet toilet to its SpaLet bidet toilet line. Conveniences include hands-free flushing, automated lid opening and closing, and seat heating, as well as adjustable two-nozzle water-spray system and integrated air dryer. Circle No. 205 on Product Card

2. Niagara Conservation’s Nano toilet features a compact design for small spaces. Equipped with Stealth vacuum-assist technology, the dual-flush unit provides 0.5/0.8 gpf. A comfortable, elongated seat is featured on the two-piece toilet, with EZ Height design for maximum comfort. Circle No. 206 on Product Card

3. TOTO now offers the Aquia IV One- and Two- Piece Ultra High-Efficiency Dual-Flush Toilets with the new DynaMax Tornado Flush Technology, which cleans the entire bowl and rim with 360-degrees of cyclonic rinsing action. The bowl’s CeFiONtect glazed surface prevents particulate matter from adhering to its surfaces, the firm notes. Circle No. 207 on Product Card

4. Kohler’s new ContinuousClean technology is housed in the toilet tank and dispenses a dosage of cleaner during each flush. The system, shown on the Corbelle toilet, works with any toilet bowl tablet cleaners, and is optimized to extend the life of the tablet for more than one year. Circle No. 208 on Product Card

5. The Geberit Sigma80 flush actuator provides touchless operation. The toilet can be flushed by waving a hand over the light bars, small for half flush, large for full flush. The front surface is available in black or mirrored glass, and the low-energy LED light bars are featured in five user-selectable colors. Circle No. 209 on Product Card

6. The Renew and Renew Plus Bidet Cleansing Spa toilet seats from Bemis provide a warm aerated wash with continuous heated water supply, and allow adjustment of the water temperature, pressure, spray and nozzle position for cleansing. A touch remote control retains personalized setting for two users. Circle No. 210 on Product Card

7. The ultra water-saving, single-flush high-efficiency toilet No Clog Point 8 from Sustainable Solutions International features washdown flushing technology and a 4″ trapway. Using only .8 gpf, the ADA-compliant, Easy Height toilet has an elongated bowl and Easy-Clean bowl glaze coating. Circle No. 211 on Product Card

8. Icera’s updated Palermo II toilet features a minimalist style, with a compact, elongated bowl that is chair height for ADA compliance, and Silent-Close quick-release seat and cover. The high-efficiency toilet requires 1.28 gpf due to the EcoQUATTRO flushing system with gravity-fed flushes. Circle No. 212 on Product Card