Mile High Youth Corps Launches Groundbreaking Green City Aurora Program to Save Thousands of Gallons of Water a Year

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Providing Multi-Family Operators Unit Upgrades with No Upfront Costs

Aurora, CO – February 13, 2014 – To help multi-family operators save thousands of gallons of water a year and dramatically lower utility bills, Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) now offers the Green City Aurora Program. Supported by Aurora Water for their customers, this revolutionary program is designed to maximize water and energy savings by allowing multi-family operators to upgrade units with all new, high-efficiency kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures from Niagara Conservation, a leading manufacturer of water and energy-saving products, with no upfront costs.

For a seamless process, the Green City Aurora Program includes installation, rebate application handling and low-interest financing options. To start, participants will be allotted time to meet with a qualified Efficiency Advisor who will review their property to ensure fixtures can be installed and provide an estimate. Then Mile High Youth Corpsmembers, who have been trained specifically on how to install water and energy conservation products, will fit a wide range of EPA WaterSense® labeled products from Niagara Conservation’s UHET Water-Saving Kit. Included in the kit arehigh-efficiency 0.8 gallons per flush Stealth toilets, adjustable chrome showerheads and bathroom and kitchen aerators.

“We are thrilled to introduce this turnkey program to an eco-conscious city such as Aurora,” noted Kelly Causey, Mile High Youth Corps chief executive officer. “As we continue to focus on water conservation within our community, we look forward to working with multi-family operators to encourage sustainable practices and hope to produce unparalleled water and energy savings during this time of water crisis.”

Through the program, multi-family operators will achieve an increase in property values, a decrease in utility costs and reduce maintenance issues by installing quality water and energy saving products. Operators can also highlight the fact that their property now features new and improved “green” elements to entice new tenants within the community. By implementing the Green City Aurora Program, multi-family operators could see savings up to 30,000 gallons of water per unit, per year. In only two years, these water cost savings will pay for the cost of the program while generating more than $20,000 in positive cash flow and $26,000 in savings per 100 units each year after. Some additional benefits include instant $150 rebate per toilet from Aurora Water, savings as much as $22 per month per unit, payments as low as $12 per month per unit, and interest rates as low as five percent. Properties must be served by Aurora Water to be eligible. To learn more, visit

About Mile High Youth Corps
Primarily focused on conservation and neighborhood improvement, Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) was founded as Year One, Inc. by Boulder County Commissioner Josie Heath in 1992. For more than 20 years, the Corps has successfully transitioned from a small, seasonal, neighborhood-based organization to a comprehensive, year-round regional agency serving 15 counties throughout Metropolitan Denver and the Southern Front Range. By integrating paid work experience on community projects with career exploration, education, and life-skills training, the Corps helps youth participants, called Corpsmembers, succeed in the classroom, the workforce and everyday life.


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