Niagara Conservation Corp Wins 2017 WaterSense® Excellence Award

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Las Vegas, Nevada (October 10, 2017)—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Niagara Conservation Corp. with a 2017 WaterSense Excellence Award for its #WhatTheFlush campaign, which was created to help Americans to save water, energy, and money. Twenty winners in total were recognized at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas.

Niagara’s #WhatTheFlush campaign was launched in April with The Home Depot as a creative approach to promote reducing water waste and Niagara’s WaterSense-labeled Original Stealth® toilet. Niagara launched the program with a humorous “Potty Talk” video and a media day featuring Jenni Pulos from Bravo’s “Flipping Out” to raise awareness about the environmental need to save water. Niagara also partnered with The Home Depot to promote water conservation in collaboration with six West Coast water utilities and districts, hosting several one-day events in local Home Depot parking lots to promote WaterSense-labeled products, encourage water conservation, and help customers fill out rebate forms. Increased sales of Stealth® toilets at The Home Depot in the first six months of the campaign were projected to save more than 700 million gallons of water.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by WaterSense for our efforts in water conservation,” said Niagara Conservation CEO and Chairman Bill Cutler.  “Our mission is to create products that save the world’s water through everyday ingenuity, and this award is validation that we’re on the right track.”

Over the past decade, Niagara and nearly 2,000 other WaterSense partners have helped consumers save more than 2.1 trillion gallons of water, or more than the amount used by all U.S. households for 75 days. In addition to water savings, WaterSense labeled products and homes have helped reduce the amount of energy needed to heat, pump, and treat water by 284 billion kilowatt-hours — which is enough to power more than 26.3 million homes for a year — and save $46.3 billion in water and energy bills.

“Since 2006, utilities, manufacturers, retailers, builders, communities, states, and other organizations have voluntarily supported WaterSense program’s efforts to protect and preserve our nation’s water supply for future generations,” said WaterSense Program Manager Veronica Blette. “By saving water together, these award winners and all of our partners help consumers and businesses realize the environmental and economic benefits of water efficiency.”


About WaterSense

WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by EPA, seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by offering consumers and businesses simple ways to use less water with water-efficient products, homes, and services.

About Niagara Conservation

With a 40-year history of quality, the Niagara Conservation® name has become synonymous with innovative conservation for a growing customer base of utility companies, government leaders, energy management officials, and eco/cost-conscious homeowners and developers. Niagara’s mission is to innovate and conserve without sacrificing performance. Niagara continues to make their patented conservation technology available to every home, building, and business in the world and, in doing so, grow awareness around the importance of saving water. Founder and president William Cutler established Niagara Conservation in 1974 and the company is still family owned. Headquartered in Flower Mound, TX, Niagara supports the US and international markets.

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