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In an effort to, more wholly focus and invest in its fastest growing areas, Niagara Conservation recently divested a portion of its business to AM Conservation Group, Inc., a Charleston-based supplier of weatherization, energy and water conservation products. Among the acquired products are Niagara Conservation’s showerheads, aerators, lighting and weatherization products, which all will continue to be sold under the Niagara brand name – Niagara will retain its toilet and program-related business.

Niagara Conservation plans to expand its successful line of ultra-high-efficiency toilets and pioneering utility programs by investing in a new toilet manufacturing plant in Kokomo, IN., and increasing the size and scope of its Niagara Green City™ program. By 2015, the majority of Niagara’s ultra-high-efficiency toilets will be Made in the U.S.A. and manufactured at the newly refurbished Kokomo plant.

“For nearly 40 years, Niagara has been a family-owned, forward-thinking company on the cutting-edge of water conservation,” states Bill Cutler, Niagara Conservation ‘s president and CEO. Our decision to further develop our toilet line and invest in a new plant allows us to continue to be an industry leader in manufacturing innovative water and energy-saving solutions, while our growing Green City program allows us to provide utilities and other businesses with a turnkey, water-saving solution for their customers.

At the new plant in Kokomo, Niagara Conservation plans to manufacture a wide range of toilets, such as the company’s Stealth line. The Stealth is the world’s lowest single flush toilet at 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF}, while the Stealth Dual Flush, offers users the option, of a flush utilizing half the normal amount of water at 0.5 GPF or a full flush at 0.95 GPF.

Both toilets meet EPA WaterSense criteria and can save an average of 40,000 gallons of water annually when retrofitted with other bathroom fixtures. Also being produced at the new facility will be Niagara’s Ecologic™ Flapperless toilet, which saves water and eliminates the need to replace flappers, chains, and levers making this toilet virtually maintenance-free.

Furthermore, Niagara plans to expand its new Green City program, introducing new markets and partners in 2014 and beyond. Niagara Green City is a turnkey program for utilities, multi-family dwellings, hotels and single family homeowners, where they are provided with the opportunity to upgrade their homes and/or businesses with the Niagara’s high-efficiency UHET Water-Saving Kits without the burden of upfront costs.

Designed to reduce water usage and utility bills, the UHET Water-Saving Kit is composed of the Stealth toilet, a high ­efficiency showerhead and three low-flow faucet aerators. If 25,000 homes were retrofitted with Niagara Conservation’s Stealth System, the estimated savings would be more than one billion gallons of water per year.