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Niagara Conservation has introduced its One-Piece Design Toilet featuring Niagara‘s patented Stealth Technology. The One-Piece toilet meets EPA WaterSense criteria, is MaP Premium rated and provides water- and energy-savings. The new design is a single flush toilet with a quiet and powerful flush that uses only 0.8 gallons per flush. The toilet has skirted sides that conceal the trapway system, guaranteeing a sleek look that is also easy to clean.

Available now, the One-Piece Stealth toilet is flapper-less, eliminating wasteful water leakage, and also features a smooth, low-friction ceramic surface that helps achieve a clear bowl every time. The patented hydraulic and water-saving technology behind the toilet’s Stealth technology involves a combination of air and water working in unison, resulting in quiet flush without residual noise.