Niagara Conservation® Launches Groundbreaking Green City Program to Save Billions of Gallons of Water

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Green City Provides Utility Customers with Water, Money Saving Program

Fort Worth, TX – October 2012 – Niagara Conservation, a leading manufacturer of water and energy-saving products, recently launched an innovative program for utilities and their customers designed to provide maximum water and energy savings. The turnkey Niagara Green City program allows water utilities to offer their customers the opportunity to upgrade to the ultra-high-efficiency plumbing fixtures included in Niagara’s UHET Water-Saving Kit, with no-cost to the utility.

Niagara Conservation will be leveraging its partnership with Green Plumbers USA, an innovative organization with an accredited plumber training program, to ensure the upgrades are installed by certified Green Plumber Contractors. Participating utility customers will have Niagara’s UHET Kit upgrade installed at their home or business.

The UHET Kit is composed of the ultra high-efficiency Stealth toilet, a low-flow Bi-Max showerhead, and three low-flow faucet aerators, which help to reduce water usage and utility bills. In fact, if 25,000 homes are retrofitted with Niagara Conservation’s UHET Kit, the savings for the city is estimated at one billion gallons of water per year.

 Green City, Green Savings

To participate in the Niagara Green City program, utilities need only to agree to provide access to its customers through bill inserts and the utility’s website. Niagara will administer the program, handling management, installation, reporting, customer service and marketing services. Customers can sign up through their utilities, and Niagara will schedule a time for installation, using a certified Green Plumber contractor from the local community. Following the
installation, customers pay their local utilities a monthly charge amounting to less than their water and utility savings. For example, the charge added is typically $5 per month for an average home, but the estimated savings amounts to $20 per month. Niagara Conservation also includes a 10-year warranty on all products installed, providing program participants with added peace-of-mind.

In addition to the benefits for the utility customers, Niagara’s Green City program also offers benefits to the participating city or municipality. The water savings created from the program means a decrease in the demand for water storage, sewerage treatment and/or lift station capacity. Additionally, the plant capacity needed for water desalination is reduced and there is less need for the participating city to purchase costly imported water. Energy usage is also decreased during peak demand times because less water is utilized, which means less energy is needed to heat that water.

“We’re extremely proud of the Niagara Green City program, as it allows us to work with utilities across the country and help them achieve their conservation goals without exhausting their financial resources,” states Carl Wehmeyer, Niagara Conservation’s Executive Vice President. “At Niagara, we’re constantly striving to create innovative, water-saving technologies that will help conserve water and money. Niagara Green City allows us to safeguard resources on a large scale by installing environmentally friendly products into homes and businesses throughout entire communities, which is vital in this time of water crisis.”

Start Saving with The UHET Water-Saving Kit

For utilities that participate in the program, Niagara will provide the best water-saving technology available on the market: The UHET Water-Saving Kit. The water savings achieved by the UHET Kit are double those of other water conservation devices, as the kit can save consumers up to 40,000 gallons of water and as much as $600 per year.

With a history of nearly 40 years of quality and innovation, Niagara Conservation has earned a reputation as the premier manufacturer of high-efficiency water and energy conservation products. Niagara is the leading developer of conservation solutions for plumbing professionals, utility companies, government leaders, energy management officials and environmentally conscious consumers. Founder and President William Cutler established Niagara in 1974, and the company is still family owned and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with satellite offices around the world.

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