Niagara Introduces Sleek One-Piece Toilet Featuring Its Innovative Stealth Technology

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Brings Beauty and Brawn into Any Bathroom while Offering Unparalleled Water Savings

Niagara Conservation®, a leading manufacturer of water- and energy-saving products, introduces its state-of-the-art One-Piece Design Toilet featuring Niagara’s patented Stealth® Technology. With its elegant design suited for any environment, the One-Piece Toilet meets EPA WaterSense® criteria, is MaP Premium rated and combines beauty and brawn while providing unparalleled water- and energy-savings.

Additionally, Niagara’s One-Piece with Stealth Technology is a single flush toilet with a quiet and powerful flush that uses the least amount of water of any single flush toilet on the market today (0.8 gallons per flush). This toilet with ultra-high-efficiency technology adds a bold, sophisticated presence to any bathroom and its skirted sides conceal the trapway system guaranteeing a sleek look that is also extremely easy to clean.

Available now, the One-Piece Stealth toilet is flapper-less eliminating wasteful water leakage and also features a smooth, low friction ceramic surface that helps achieve a clear bowl every time. The patented hydraulic and water-saving technology behind the toilet’s Stealth technology involves a remarkable combination of air and water working in unison, resulting in remarkably quiet flush without residual noise.

“With the One-Piece toilet featuring our patented Stealth Technology—similar to our entire innovative toilet line—our customers know they are achieving the utmost water-savings possible while also reducing their utility costs,” states Carl Wehmeyer, Niagara Conservation’s Executive Vice President. “In addition, the One-Piece offers our customers a stylish fixture that adds an elegant design element to help transform any bathroom.”

With a history of more than 35 years of quality and innovation, Niagara Conservation has earned a reputation as a premier manufacturer of ultra-high-efficiency water and energy conservation products, developing conservation solutions for plumbing professionals, utility companies, government leaders, energy management officials and environmentally conscious consumers. William Cutler, Founder, and President established Niagara in 1974. The company is still family owned and headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas, with satellite offices around the world.

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