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Right Height dual-flush toilets
American Standard’s Studio dual-flush toilets offer users the choice between 1.6 gal. per flush for solids or 1.1 GPF for liquids. The models elongated and round front, both in the 16 1/2″ Right Height rim con­ figuration -use a concealed trapway styling. The two-button chrome actuator on top of the tank allows the choice of the appropriate flush. Using PowerWash Rim technology, these toilets can flush as much as 1,000 grams of solid waste. The EverClean antimicrobial surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.
American Standard.

Dual-flush flushometer
Sloan Introduces the Dual-Flush Side Mount, a battery-powered retrofit flushometer product that allows commercial facilities to quickly and easily upgrade to water-efficient, dual-flush operation. The unit’s Smart Sense technology features a self-adaptive infrared sensor that automatically initiates a reduced 1.1-gpf flush when the restroom user is in range for less than 60 seconds. If users prefer to manually flush, they can choose the appropriate flush cycle by pushing one or two buttons. The larger black button is used for a standard 1.6· GPF flush cycle or the small green button ls used for removing liquid waste with a 1.1-gpf cycle. Sloan Valve Co.

WaterSense -certified dual-flush model
Gerber’s Maxwell two-piece, dual-flush gravity toilet with 1.1/1.6 gal. per flush is WaterSense-certified. It has an elongated rim, 12″ rough-in and a double nut, multi-point tank-to-bowl mounting system for easy installation and tank stability. It features a chemical-resistant silicone flapper, noncorrosive solid brass tank-to-bowl bolts, and a non-kinking stainless steel beaded chain. The large water surface and dual-fed siphon jet help keep the bowl clean. Gerber offers a limited lifetime guaranty on the Maxwell dual-flush toilet. Gerber Plumbing.

UHET dual-flush toilet
The Stealth ultra-high-efficiency dual­ flush toilet from Niagara is equipped with two flush options: 0.5 gal. per flush (half) and 0.95 gpf (full), with an average of 0.65 gpf. It includes a low-friction ceramic surface and fully glazed 2″ trapway. When the half flush button is depressed, the Stealth’s vacuum-assist power chamber is sealed off to form a suction that prevents the water inside from being included in the flush. The suction force then pulls the wastewater into the trapway and as water empties from the tank, the trapway is filled
completely. Niagara Conservation.