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Here are the top products from 20 different manufacturers that were featured in editorial coverage in Supply House Times in 2014 in print and/or online at These are based on the number of reader inquiries/clicks they generated. For more information on any of these products, please visit the companies’ websites.

HOLDRITE no-hub fitting restraints
The HOLDRITE #117 Series no-hub fitting restraints are expanding to include a wider variety of configurations in the 10”-15” size range, available in both black iron and galvanized. These products are ideal for restraining hubless cast iron soil pipe joints against separation during high thrust conditions as required by no-hub pipe manufacturers and CISPI standards.

Utica SSV wall-hung modulating condensing boiler
The Utica SSV is a gas-fired, wall-hung, stainless-steel modulating condensing boiler that was rated Energy Star 2014 Most Efficient. All capacities are 95% AFUE with a 5:1 turndown ratio. The SSV features Utica’s original vertical, patent-pending heat exchanger design. This low-maintenance, self-cleaning heat exchanger was designed in the U.S. to withstand up to 150 psi MAWP. The SSV is approved for PVC, CPVC and polypropylene venting and comes with a 15-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, plus an industry-leading first year $500 heat exchanger labor warranty.

Niagara Conservation Stealth dual-flush toilet
The Stealth dual-flush toilet from Niagara is equipped with two flush options: 0.5 GPF (half) and 0.95 GPF (full), with an average of 0.65 GPF. It includes a low-friction ceramic surface and fully glazed 2” trapway. When the half flush button is depressed, the Stealth’s vacuum-assist power chamber is sealed off to form a suction that prevents the water inside from being included in the flush. The suction force then pulls the wastewater into the trapway and as water empties from the tank, the trapway is completely filled.

Clean-Fit Products’ Blue Monster compression seal tape
Developed for professional plumbing contractors, Clean-Fit Products’Blue Monster compression seal tape can be used without turning off the water source. Contractors can seal leaks up to 150 psi on almost any material from galvanized and cast iron to copper and all types of plastics and rubber. The tape features self-fusing layers that form a waterproof seal by compression without the use of any adhesive. Pulling and wrapping the tape tightly around problem leaks creates a chemical reaction that fuses the layers of tape into a mass of silicone.

Warehouse guide for distributors by Dick Friedman
E-commerce “distributors” rarely make warehouse mistakes and operate very efficiently, so competing against them requires filling orders accurately, quickly and at a low cost. A warehouse operations expert created a guide that describes some potential warehouse problems and the inexpensive, quick actions that prevent them. “The Distributor’s Warehouse Guide – Preventing Mistakes That Hurt Customers” was written by Dick Friedman. He is a certified management consultant who does not sell warehouse systems or technology. The guide is available free of charge at at General Business Consultants, 1502 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091. 847/246-1410).

Wyng Products all-in-one shower and toilet
An all-in-one shower and toilet combination, the Showlet from Wyng Products provides customers with mobility issues a sense of added safety and independence. The Showlet is a revolutionary new way to make the bathroom accessible by combining fixtures and capitalizing on underutilized space. The Wyng System does this while reducing the cost and renovation headaches of having to tear out walls. It’s perfect for small-space bathroom design. Feedback shows the Wyng System saves an average of 38% on home modification costs over traditional approaches when additional space is needed. No major renovations are needed to make any size bathroom more accessible and safer.

Uponor snow- and ice-melting system
Uponor’s snow- and ice-melting system circulates a warm water and glycol solution through freeze-resistant, cross-linked PEX tubing buried in concrete, asphalt or a sand bed. Because salt, sand, toxic chemicals, shoveling, and plowing are unnecessary, this system protects the environment and prevents damage to sod and landscaping often caused by traditional snow removal methods. It also helps extend the life of sidewalks, driveways and parking lots made of concrete, asphalt or brick pavers because it eliminates freeze and thaw cycles.

Kohler water-saving showerheads
Kohler introduces four upgraded water-saving showerheads — Bellis (pictured), Counterpoint, Tuxedo and Inigo — which all use Kallista’s Katalyst air-induced technology to get the most out of every drop of water, infusing air into the water stream in order to provide a fuller, more powerful spray. These models comply with stringent CALGreen water conservation standards and offer a 2.0-gpm flow rate that can save up to 20% on water consumption when compared to standard 2.5-gpm models. Features include an easy-to-clean optimized sprayface, which resists hard water buildup.

Warmly Yours floor-heating cable
WarmlyYours’ free-form ultra-low EMF TempZone floor-heating cable (Twin) brings radiant heat to tile, stone, hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate flooring rooms with unusual dimensions. It features a twin conductor with 15’ cold lead and is available in 30 to 468 linear ft. at 120V, and 55 to 935 linear feet at 240V. The wattage is 12 watts/sq.-ft. at 3” spacing and 9 watts/sq.-ft. at 4” spacing. It has a low profile (1/8” thick), comes with free design services, 24/7 installation and technical support and a 25-year warranty.

Aquatic shower pan
Aquatic’s60” x 32” x 21 7/8” 6032AB acrylic shower pan has a low threshold for safe entry and exit, and includes an integral corner seat. Combined with the pan is a custom tile-up application. Features include: a slip-resistant, textured bottom; reduced 4” threshold; left- or right-hand drain; durable high-gloss finish; corner drainage channels; step-design finishing guides and an extended nailing flange. The pan also comes with an extended tiling flange, enhanced front profile and a five-year limited warranty.

Bradford White boilers and volume water heaters
Bradford White’s Brute series of residential and commercial gas-fired boilers and volume water heaters includes the Brute Mini, Brute Elite, Brute Elite with optional DHW Combi, Brute Elite offering a 10:1 turndown, Brute Deluxe, Copper Brute II and Brute Magnum. The boilers run from 50 to 2,400 MBH and have up to 98% annual fuel utilization efficiency. The volume water heaters range from 150 to 2,400 MBH in standard and high-efficiency condensing models.

Noritz America residential tankless water heaters
Noritz America expanded its line of residential tankless water heaters with three new models that feature a compact design, a heat exchanger that is three times as durable, all-new scale-detection software for more proactive leak prevention and a built-in digital display to aid servicing. The three new models are the NR501, NR662 and NRC711.

Watts Radiant SmartTrac radiant panel solution
Watts Radiant’s SmartTrac radiant panel solution is a single-panel modular system designed to simplify and speed up radiant heating and cooling installations in subfloor, wall and ceiling applications. The SmartTrac one-panel solution eliminates the need for silicone and curing, making it about 20% faster to install. SmartTrac is 80% lighter than thin slabs, eliminating the need for increased joist sizes and double plating. Using SmartTrac, installers can run longer circuit lengths and use only one panel for the majority of jobs.

American Standard commercial faucets
A range of heavy-duty faucets have been added to the Monterrey commercial faucet collection from American Standard. Designed to stand up to the most demanding applications for institutional, education and hospital installations, the new models feature solid-brass construction and cast-valve bodies designed to withstand heavy usage. The faucets are equipped with washerless ceramic disc valves for a lifetime of water-saving, drip-free performance. This line extension includes a health-care faucet, a single-control kitchen faucet and multiple styles of center-set and widespread commercial lavatory faucets.

Matco-Norca lead-free press ball valves
Matco-Norca offers its 759PLF lead-free press ball valves, which are quick and easy to install, and help reduce installation time. Available in sizes ranging from 1/4” to 2”, the ball valves are rated 600 psi WOG and 150 psi SWP; and are comprised of lead-free brass bonnets, stems and bodies with either lead-free brass (1/2” to 1”) or stainless-steel balls (1 1/4” to 2”).

Jones Stephens adjustable toilet seat hinge
The innovative and patent-pending QuicKlean toilet seat hinge system provides a simple solution for installation, as well as quick removal for cleaning. Just lift the hinge cover and the toilet seat simply slides out, allowing access to those hard-to-reach areas. With three custom-designed bolt-hole positions, it offers front-to-back adjustability to meet the slight differences in bowl sizes. QuicKlean style toilet seats include corrosion-resistant, nonporous nuts and bolts that prevent the cracking of hardware after long exposure to moisture.

Legend Valve press swing check valve
The P-451 NL Legend press swing check valve is ANSI/NSF 61-G compliant, third-party-certified by the Water Quality Association. The swing check valve has press fittings integrated into the cast-brass body of the valve, assuring the integrity of any pressed joining to copper tube. This eliminates the need to use either sweat or male press adapters in a standard sweat or threaded-swing check valve, saving time and the material costs of additional parts. No-lead forged brass is used for the disc, hinge pin and retaining screw. The DZR no-lead brass P-451 is available in sizes 1/2” through 2”. For more information, contact Legend at 800/752-2082.

Ryvyr floating vanity
The SELLA floating vanity is inspired by a European-contemporary design that mounts to the wall. The sleek new style, defined by straight lines and minimalist aesthetics, is crafted in Spain using the most advanced techniques to ensure solid construction and precision functionality. SELLA is available in modern high-gloss White Luxe and Metallic Grey Luxe finishes.

Diversified Heat Transfer Techtanium indirect water heaters
Diversified Heat Transfer’sTechtanium Solar and MP-Series indirect water heaters come with both temperature and pressure relief valves and domestic hot water outlets on tank top for added installation convenience (models TT-40 & TT-55). Techtanium is a state-of-the-art indirect water heater with titanium liner for added strength and durability and works with any hydronic heat source. Its environmentally friendly polyurethane insulation limits heat loss and is both CFC- and H-CFC-free.

hilmor compacting tubing cutters
Compact tubing cutters from hilmor come in small and large diameter sizes, which help technicians make one-handed precision flaring cuts that don’t tear, pinch or kink copper and aluminum tubes. The cast-zinc body and shock-resistant steel wheel reduce burrs while a full-stop threading system offers maximum protection for cutting wheels — both of which extend the tool’s life and durability. The Large Diameter Tubing Cutter’s (pictured) unique, four-roller tracking system keeps the tube from threading. The flare-cutting groove allows for removal of material.