Water-Saving Niagara Toilet Has A Hushed Flush | ConsumerReports.org

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Innovative new design results in a water miser that’s quiet too

Dual-flush toilets with one setting for what we’ll politely call solid waste and another for liquid use less water, at least in theory. But many toilets tested by Consumer Reports have struggled with rough stuff and were noisy to boot. Niagara’s Stealth dual-flush toilet promises to be quiet and powerful and to use far less water per flush. The toilet was on display at Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas.

Toilets must use no more than 1.28 gallons of water per flush to get the WaterSense designation from the Environmental Protection Administration. Niagara claims just .95 gallons per flush for solid waste – and a mere .5 gallons per flush for liquid waste. That’s roughly half as much used by the most efficient toilets in Consumer Reports’ toilet tests.

Niagara credits a patented hydraulic technology for those benefits: Pushing the lever allows air in the tank’s inner chamber to push down on the water, depressurizing the trapway below. A vacuum effect pulls the water and waste from the bowl into the trapway without the loud “whoosh” typically associated with pressure-assist toilets.

Made of white vitreous china, the toilet is available in round or elongated shapes – and both stand at 17-inch “comfort height” more homeowners are choosing.

The Niagara Stealth toilet costs $350 online and at local plumbing stores. We look forward to testing this toilet to see if it can handle our series of tough tasks. Meanwhile, you’ll find a winning selection of toilets in our toilet ratings.