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  1. Blending traditional American farmhouse design with modern conveniences, the Oak Hill suite of bathroom fixtures from DXV by American Standard brings the simplicity of a pastoral lifestyle to today’s bathroom.
  2. The one-piece wall-hung Sanistar Macerating Toilet System from SFA SANIFLO allows the homeowner to create a new small bathroom anywhere, while saving both space and water with its self-contained build.
  3. The Neorest 700H from TOTO is engineered to provide its user with a high level of comfort. Ewater + technology keeps the bowl clean and hygienic, and Wonderware Spray and warm-air dryer keeps the user feeling refreshed.
  4. Equipped with two flush options, the Stealth HUET Dual Flush Toilet from Niagara Conservation makes it possible to save more than 15,600 gallons of water annually, compared to the older 3.5 gallons-per-flush toilets.
  5. The Veil Intelligent Toilet from KOHLER boasts features like a heated seat, dryer, deodorizer, nightlight and flush control in a one-piece design. For enhanced hygiene, the bidet nozzle is self-cleaning and uses sterilized water.
  6. As part of the Wicker Park Suite from GERBER, the one-piece elongated toilet with a concealed trapway offers a contemporary style and only 1.28 gallons per flush.