There's nothing worse than using a "low flow" showerhead or faucet just to find that it has very weak, inconsistent water pressure. What is the appeal in that? While most of us love the idea of saving water, we understandably don't want to sacrifice great water pressure. Sometimes it causes us to use even MORE water because we turn up the flow to remove dirt from our hair and stuck-on crumbs on our plates.


Niagara's Equiforce™ Technology is a patended pressure compensator built into every showerhead and aerator. The simple, flexible mechanism guarantees a powerful and consistent output regardless of your water pressure. See the inner workings of an aerator below!

How it works

At low pressure, water is allowed to flow freely throught three holes in then center of the pressure compensator.

As water pressure increases, the force presses down on the compensator, causing it to flex and seal off allowing water to only flow through the center holes.

This makes for a contant output of water regardless of pressure. You won’t use more than you intended and still recieve great water pressure!

Products with Equiforce technology