No one likes a showerhead with excessive buildup that causes the spray to go in every direction. What's worse is that buildup could contain scary bacteria that not only defeats the purpose of your shower, but could actually make you sick. How do you prevent it? We asked ourselves the same thing...

Our Solution

Niagara developed a showerhead with a simple, removeable faceplace for superior cleanability. This antimicrobial feature will help prevent bacterial growth because now you can clean deeper than before! Enjoy a safe, clean shower with an even water spray. And because we incorporate our Equiforce™ Technology into every showerhead, you can expect consistent pressure without excessive water use.

How it works

Press the button below “Remove.”

Rotate the notch to align with “Remove,” while holding down the button

Pull upward to remove the faceplate and enjoy easy cleanability plus antimicrobial protection for your shower.