Every day, millions of people with conventional showerheads waste water (and money) while they wait for their shower to heat up. Does anyone jump in at the exact moment the shower reaches the perfect temperature? Probably not. We tend to brush our teeth, make a quick visit to the toilet, or even go about our daily morning routine. And why shouldn't we? Our time is precious and mornings are hectic.

Our Solution

We at Niagara completely understand (and are guilty ourselves) so we developed a simple solution. Our HotStart showerhead has a unique, temperature-controlled feature that prevents water waste by actually pausing the flow of water once it reaches the ideal temperature: 95 degree. Pretty cool! (or should we say hot?) See how it works below!

How it works

Once the shower is turned on, the water will run until it is hot.

After the shower reaches 95 degrees, it will hold the hot water and stop flowing. (Feel free to finish that cup of coffee!)

When you are ready to shower, simply hit the HOTSTART button. Enjoy a hot shower that wastes less and makes you feel good about saving the planet – effortlessly.

Products with HotStart technology