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EcoLogic Bucket VS Standard Flapper

The 360˚ water flow goes into the bowl faster and easier than a standard flapper as there is no blockage from objects. Because water is held in a highly-durable plastic bucket, the potential for unwanted leakage is eliminated. A standard flapper system keeps water in the tank and is prone to leaks due to wafering and lack of support.


A Gravity-Assist Flush Technology That Delivers a Powerful Flush

Water is added to a tip bucket located several inches above the entry to the bowl instead of the entire tank. When the handle is pressed, the bucket tips over releasing the water from a higher than average position. Its positioning increases head pressure from the bucket drop which gives a stronger flush. The anti-siphon fill valve increases safety for the entire home’s water system as water will not flow back to the source should there be a negative pressure.

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No Need To Buy Insulators or Anti-Sweat Valves

When the weather turns warm and the humid air hits a cool toilet, condensation forms on the tank and soon drips onto the floor. Our bucket holds water away from the tank surface allowing the surrounding air to act as an insulator. This keeps the tank at room temperature, thus preventing the build up of condensation.

Inside the Bowl

Specially Designed Rim Holes and Siphon Jet

When flushed, water is channeled down into a specially designed dual siphon jet system located directly in front of the trapway opening. The opening is significantly larger to increase the amount of water and force to provide a powerful flush.

Water is also diverted to the rim of the bowl. It is released through specially positioned and angled holes completely rinse down the sides of the bowl to leave a clean surface.

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No Conversion Kit Required

Because of the versatile construction of EcoLogic toilets, the tank may move freely to fit both 10” to 12” rough-in depths. No conversion kits are required as the toilet has a specialized gasket and trapway system integrated.

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Inside the Bowl

Fully Glazed 2” Trapway

The 2” diameter is specially configured to be as streamlined as possible for the most efficient and powerful flush possible. No pitch points or drastic changes in direction. Fully glazed means reduced friction and zero absorption into ceramic material; which helps prevent clogging and increases the flushing performance.

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