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ABC Green Home in OC on 6pm News

Affordable green living. Niagara is proud to have their products selected / included in this project.

Coachella Valley Water District – Toilet Rebate Program – JW Marriott Desert Springs

The JW Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert is a premier destination resort. With over 800 rooms it is a community within itself. So, the replacements of older toilets with high-efficiency Niagara “Stealth” toilets will account for some big water savings. The toilets exceed the national EPA’s “WaterSense” standards, using only 0.8 gallons per flush.

Community Corp of Santa Monica Saves 30% With Stealth

Dual Flush Stealth® Technology

Because one flush option wasn't enough, you now have another choice to instantly turn yourself into a dual threat conservation machine! Find yourself asking that "How is this even possible?" question again? Only one way to find out... click, watch, and behold the wonder that is STEALTH!

EcoLogic® Technology

Go Flapperless.™ The original way we helped destroyed the flapper and excel water conservation efforts. See EcoLogic technology in action.

HotStart™ Showerhead Technology

First thing in the morning you turn on the shower to get ready for the day and... cold water. Then while you wait, you start brushing your teeth, chase a child, or grab a toilet since you realized there's not one nearby. Meanwhile, your water has heated up and is now going down the drain. WASTEFUL! Not anymore though. With HotStart Technology, you can combat drought and save yourself some cash. How? Watch and see.

Jenni Pulos “What the Flush!?”

Jenni Pulos gives us the story behind the word's most efficient toilet and why it was developed by Niagara Conservation Corp. to help save water.

Niagara Stealth .8GPF Toilet – The Home Depot

Part 1 of 5 – Stealth Troubleshooting


Part 1 of 6 – EcoLogic Troubleshooting


Part 2 of 5 – Stealth Troubleshooting

Toilet Continually Running?

Part 2 of 6 – EcoLogic Troubleshooting

Toilet Continually Running?

Part 3 of 5 – Stealth Troubleshooting

Experiencing Poor Flush Performance?

Part 3 of 6 – EcoLogic Troubleshooting

Poor Flush Performance?

Part 4 of 5 – Stealth Troubleshooting

Need To Snake?

Part 4 of 6 – EcoLogic Troubleshooting

Does Water Well Up?

Part 5 of 5 – Stealth Troubleshooting

Weak Flush Or Toilet Gurgling?

Part 5 of 6 – EcoLogic Troubleshooting

Dump Bucket Getting Stuck?

Part 6 of 6 – EcoLogic Troubleshooting

Want To Switch The Side The Handle Is On?

Potty Talk with Jenni Pulos – #WhatTheFlush

No way. WhatTheFlush?! Jenni Pulos and Niagara teamed up to fight those water wasting toilets Check it out!

Single Flush Stealth® Technology

Quiet. Powerful. Proven. See how Niagara's patented technology actually works. Watch the video and finally stop wondering "How is this even possible?"

The Toilet That Will Save the World – You&Me

Using just one gallon per flush, Jenni Polus from Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’ gushes about the water-saving Stealth toilet from Niagara Conservation.